Friday, 23 July 2010

An Amber Moon...

.... for ambermoggie. Her patch of sky has been covered with cloud all month, so how could I resist posting this... hope this compensates a little, amber! (oh... take a peek here for a few more of this months moon photos!)

For so many of us the Moon is much more than a pretty bright object in the sky. We seek her out & miss her when she is not there... we honour her rhythms that affect us so... and seek her help in understanding ourselves. Watching her cycles is a clue to the changing rhythms of our moods, creativity & energy that pulse with the music of our Universe. If you haven't taken notice before, try noting the phase of the moon when different energy levels hit you... see if there is a pattern there. Being able to recognise the fluctuations, and being aware of when & how they affect you can make such a difference.

I no longer worry when I don't feel like creating artwork when the moon reaches its last quarter... i tend to ponder & write more intuitively at dark moon... and as the moon waxes past the first quarter, from half to full, ideas come thick & fast... if i'm going to be 'upsettable' its likely to be at new moon. Not always, & we are all different, but  a little understanding goes a long way! 

This site is great for checking moonrise & moonset times....
& skywatch friday has great skies from around the world.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Etsy Virgin ; )

Well, I decided to give an etsy shop a go the other day. I put a couple of canvasses up but managed to "lose" one of them... i guess i never pressed the final 'save' button. Thought "bugger it, I'll try again tomorrow". So looked again yesterday & found a message to say my lonely little canvas was included in an etsy treasury. You might like to take a peek at 'For the love of chocolate' Ooh, amazement... I'd only been there a few hours!

It doesn't stop there though. First thing this morning I had a mail to say it was sold!! Shock... excitement... what do i do now... I mean, I hadn't even finished writing my shop announcement & stuff (well, barely started actually), so had to have a quick exercise in finding my way around the 'convos' & find out how to do what next! Must admit I'm pleased as punch, especially after having a couple of rejections from shops I've approached in the last couple of weeks.

I've posted a few "chocolate" canvasses over at suzi's scribbles lately. Guess I'll have to get cracking with putting more into my etsy shop of the same name. Hopefully it's a good sign of things to come!

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