Tuesday, 21 July 2009

How do you learn Reiki?

The ability to 'do' Reiki is not something that is learned in the normal sense. Rather it is something that is activated or awakened within the individual through a process of Initiation (also referred to as an 'Attunement') by a Reiki Master. It is a relatively simple process, a bit like being given the keys to a door, or tuning in a radio that gives the ability to access & use Reiki. The learning begins after the attunement… it’s a bit like downloading a computer program; you can switch it on & use it…. But it takes a while to get used to & learn to use it fully!

The Reiki attunement is special… a sacred, spiritual initiation that connects with higher levels of consciousness & the unlimited Source of healing energy. It is a powerful spiritual experience enabling Reiki to be channelled by the initiate. There are no requirements for spiritual purification necessary in order for it to work or for a person to receive attunements. This includes the Reiki III attunement where one can go on to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. Thus the term ‘Master” in Reiki does not carry the same meaning as “Spiritual Master” or imply any level of enlightenment.

Anyone, regardless of the level of spiritual development can receive the ability to pass Reiki on to others. The level of spirituality may vary from person to person, but the quality of Reiki Energy remains the same. All Reiki Masters/Teachers may be equal in that they all have the ability to pass Reiki on to others. However the level of understanding & ability to teach varies greatly, depending on how a person has been taught & upon their own personally developed skills & experience.

This then is the unique value of Reiki; anyone can receive the ability and if they wish, progress to become a qualified teacher. This makes Reiki a healing technique of special importance for the period of development in which we presently find ourselves on earth. The collective consciousness of the planet is advancing so quickly that there is a greatly increased interest in spiritual healing.

In addition to the healing benefits to yourself & others, Reiki often helps to develop your psychic senses too.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

SO… What is Reiki anyway??

Reiki is a system for healing & self- development created in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui in the early part of the 20th century. ‘Rei’ is often translated as ‘Universal’, referring to something sacred or spiritual. ‘Ki’ is often translated as ‘Life-force energy’ and implies spiritedness or feelings. So, the generally accepted definition of Reiki is “Universal Energy”. Although the emphasis is more often placed on the healing aspect of Reiki nowadays, it was also intended as a method for spiritual self-development.

'Universal energy'... from the universe, for everyone... regardless of religion or belief system... it works in harmony with your beliefs & with other treatments & medicines. How it works defies explanation, it just does. But because it is 'universal' it fits alongside so many ways of thinking, so that people blend their way of thinking with it & adapt it to suit them. Remember you too are an individual that can take or leave what you hear, to use, or discard, or file 'til later if relevant. We all learn & grow & change…

A Reiki Treatment is such a relaxing experience…. A client remains fully clothed & may sit or lie down as the practitioner lays their hands on or just above the clients body… all you need to do is relax & be open to the healing energy of Reiki. Reiki can also be “sent” over a distance too.

Some people may experience heat or cold, or become aware of tingling or pulsing sensations, some ‘see’ colour or light- at the very least you feel incredibly relaxed, which in itself provides the climate for healing- as the healing Reiki energy radiates from the therapist's hands. The energy immediately begins to effect positive change, and restore balance, throughout the recipient's whole being & continues to manifest for some time after the session ends.

Most descriptions include something like “Reiki is a gentle, yet profound, non-invasive therapy, which can facilitate stress-reduction and relaxation, support effective immune-system function, enhance the body's self-healing mechanisms, and replenish and nurture vitality. Rather than acting solely on a physical level, Reiki is holistic in its effect - eliciting a healing response across the entire spectrum of ones being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

‘A wave of loving, healing energy…. Gently lapping on the shore of your being… soothing the hurt and pain…. Connecting to universal healing energy, helping you to re-build and strengthen and heal…”

It is something that can not really be described… it must be experienced, and even then it is only a beginning.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Candy from Mel

Look what the postman brought....
...the most lovely collage/painting created especially for me by mel at creative clutter

The more I looked the more I saw.... oooh, real bark.... are they rowan berries? yep, (peers closer) they are... and a spiral shell....mmm, liking the words (she says as she tries to prise the top layer up a bit to read more, sorry mel, didn't damage it tho).... I can't read it all, but it's about connection to nature.... the last line is complete "And this prayer I make, knowing that Nature never did betray the heart that loved her..." from Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth
Thank you mel.... it's perfect....full of energy & love.... love it xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Water Quotes & Canvas

It has no colour, yet it forms the bluest sea, the greenest pond, the blackest loch, the whitest surf….

And in a single droplet there is every colour of the rainbow… to be seen in one moment & then gone in an instant.

Lately some of the words on this piece have been floating around my mind....
I think it's time to re-work the idea, or maybe use some of the verses individually. It's about 5 years since I was asked to produce this piece. The brief was "water quotes, but this colour with a bit of texture"... Are you sure about the colour? No blues or greens? "No, it's got to be this... maybe a hint of green, but just a hint" Any particular words? "No whatever you want... we know we'll like it" It is lovely when someone is prepared to put their trust in me like this.
This was done on MDF board (which I was using a lot at the time... I hadn't made the jump to canvas), with plaster used to build up some texture before I painted it. The lettering was just a metallic gold pen, using either skeleton or built-up letterforms.

I sat & stared at the board for a long time before I began to write... I had read through various 'water quotations' but was unsure what to actually use.... nothing was 'grabbing me' for this one. So I sat... & stared... & sat some more trying to 'feel' the piece... to connect with the water element & with the couple it was for. Eventually the colour became irrelevant & words began to flow... the flow of water, the elements were working with me.... Once I had a phrase I would select the area to work on, writing directly on the board, trusting that the right words would come to fit the spaces.

It is a very deep meditative process, working like this... it's something I just found myself doing at some point... this wasn't the first time, but it was certainly the most complex at that time.

I did eventually re-work it a couple of years ago- on canvas with silver lettering...

I quite liked this one.... I think doing this led on to the "waterfall canvas" here if you want to see...

Well, they say pride goes before a fall..... it fell.....

.... shades of "wreck that canvas" don't you think.....

I've kept it & started adding collagey bits to it last week.... not entirely impressed with my efforts yet, but will share the process at some point!

Here are the words....


Cascading dreams…. Eternally

Flow with the river… the river of life.

You will never step in the same pool twice. The waters are constantly changing, replenishing, renewing. The source never empties, the pool never fills.

Ocean pounding…. Never ending, feel the waves against my feet.

Water is life, as vital as breath.

Dream of a river- it signifies life. From the spring to the ocean it carries a hope that keeps moving forward relentlessly. It twists & tumbles on its way to the sea. Does the river itself know the purpose of its journey?

Seen in the mirror of a tranquil pool,

Clarity lies in the reflected sky,

Thoughts dance like ripples chased by the breeze….

Feelings run with currents unseen,

an image of everything that’s ever been,

the power to nourish & nurture & heal.

Water is softness, fluidity, yet it wears away the hardest of stones.

It has no colour, yet it forms the bluest sea, the greenest pond, the blackest loch, the whitest surf…. And in a single droplet there is every colour of the rainbow… to be seen in one moment & gone the in an instant.

Dreamy water calm & deep, here I lay my soul to keep. Let me drift on the tides of my dreams, immerse my emotions in layers of peace & soothe my mind in your tranquillity.

A babbling brook or lazy river, a tranquil pool or a gushing torrent, a tinkling rivulet or a thundering fall… an un-definable everything that is vitality.

Purity & power, calmness & strength.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Canvasses sold....

...before I even took them to the shop! Well, sort of... I havn't got the money yet!
A girl at work asked to see them before I delivered them....
The young lad on work-experience gazed at 3 black & silver ones & asked how much...
"oh" was all he said, so I offered a deal.... & weekly installments....

... then could he please owe me for another one... for his girlfriend...?! How sweet... of course you can.... but I want money off you every week... understand?

Girlfriend loved her present, so, before he's even paid the first installment he orders another 2 to go with hers.... Bless him! Meanwhile...
... the other girl wants these two, plus another one or two in the same colours....
... apparently they will match her toaster & kettle!

So... nearly 3 weeks later I have 6 more 'pinks' painted, waiting for the 2 girls to come & choose which they want, I've got 4 canvasses less (& technically 4 or 5 more are spoken for)...& I've had £10 so far!! I'm not worried tho' I know he'll pay, and his girl friend is away so she'll be here eventually... The other girl will get here sometime soon too (she's a bit skint cos she's just paid for her holiday!)... At least they are all quite small, so they're not taking up too much space!
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