Tuesday, 21 July 2009

How do you learn Reiki?

The ability to 'do' Reiki is not something that is learned in the normal sense. Rather it is something that is activated or awakened within the individual through a process of Initiation (also referred to as an 'Attunement') by a Reiki Master. It is a relatively simple process, a bit like being given the keys to a door, or tuning in a radio that gives the ability to access & use Reiki. The learning begins after the attunement… it’s a bit like downloading a computer program; you can switch it on & use it…. But it takes a while to get used to & learn to use it fully!

The Reiki attunement is special… a sacred, spiritual initiation that connects with higher levels of consciousness & the unlimited Source of healing energy. It is a powerful spiritual experience enabling Reiki to be channelled by the initiate. There are no requirements for spiritual purification necessary in order for it to work or for a person to receive attunements. This includes the Reiki III attunement where one can go on to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. Thus the term ‘Master” in Reiki does not carry the same meaning as “Spiritual Master” or imply any level of enlightenment.

Anyone, regardless of the level of spiritual development can receive the ability to pass Reiki on to others. The level of spirituality may vary from person to person, but the quality of Reiki Energy remains the same. All Reiki Masters/Teachers may be equal in that they all have the ability to pass Reiki on to others. However the level of understanding & ability to teach varies greatly, depending on how a person has been taught & upon their own personally developed skills & experience.

This then is the unique value of Reiki; anyone can receive the ability and if they wish, progress to become a qualified teacher. This makes Reiki a healing technique of special importance for the period of development in which we presently find ourselves on earth. The collective consciousness of the planet is advancing so quickly that there is a greatly increased interest in spiritual healing.

In addition to the healing benefits to yourself & others, Reiki often helps to develop your psychic senses too.


miss*R said...

hey, thanks so much for visiting my blog.. not sure which blog is your main blog, so I thought i would comment here anyhow :)

I am a reiki 'master' (and let me say, I was a tad annoyed when I had to pay someone to be tuned.. cause I had been doing kind of reiki for years).. but I do not understand it at all.
I don't really practice it much, although I do try healing some of my plants in the garden. I am tending to work with crystals more now.. and not so much on people, but on Earth. that said, I do quite a bit of long distance healing, but not in the normal reiki way - I put names on paper, plop them onto my altar and promptly forget about them.. I just know that healing is being sent. does all that make much sense at all?

anyhow, thanks again for the encouragement with that piece of art.. this is all such a big learning curve for me!

Jasmine said...

I've come across a lot of self proclaimed reiki masters in my time around the festival scene so was put off initially. I do love the chromatherapy aspect of reiki and crystal work too. Think I might be ready to learn more now :)

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