Sunday, 19 July 2009

SO… What is Reiki anyway??

Reiki is a system for healing & self- development created in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui in the early part of the 20th century. ‘Rei’ is often translated as ‘Universal’, referring to something sacred or spiritual. ‘Ki’ is often translated as ‘Life-force energy’ and implies spiritedness or feelings. So, the generally accepted definition of Reiki is “Universal Energy”. Although the emphasis is more often placed on the healing aspect of Reiki nowadays, it was also intended as a method for spiritual self-development.

'Universal energy'... from the universe, for everyone... regardless of religion or belief system... it works in harmony with your beliefs & with other treatments & medicines. How it works defies explanation, it just does. But because it is 'universal' it fits alongside so many ways of thinking, so that people blend their way of thinking with it & adapt it to suit them. Remember you too are an individual that can take or leave what you hear, to use, or discard, or file 'til later if relevant. We all learn & grow & change…

A Reiki Treatment is such a relaxing experience…. A client remains fully clothed & may sit or lie down as the practitioner lays their hands on or just above the clients body… all you need to do is relax & be open to the healing energy of Reiki. Reiki can also be “sent” over a distance too.

Some people may experience heat or cold, or become aware of tingling or pulsing sensations, some ‘see’ colour or light- at the very least you feel incredibly relaxed, which in itself provides the climate for healing- as the healing Reiki energy radiates from the therapist's hands. The energy immediately begins to effect positive change, and restore balance, throughout the recipient's whole being & continues to manifest for some time after the session ends.

Most descriptions include something like “Reiki is a gentle, yet profound, non-invasive therapy, which can facilitate stress-reduction and relaxation, support effective immune-system function, enhance the body's self-healing mechanisms, and replenish and nurture vitality. Rather than acting solely on a physical level, Reiki is holistic in its effect - eliciting a healing response across the entire spectrum of ones being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

‘A wave of loving, healing energy…. Gently lapping on the shore of your being… soothing the hurt and pain…. Connecting to universal healing energy, helping you to re-build and strengthen and heal…”

It is something that can not really be described… it must be experienced, and even then it is only a beginning.


Pamela Miles said...

What a lovely description of Reiki, Suzi, so inviting. Great post!
Reiki blessings,
Pamela Miles

Suzi Smith said...

Thankyou pamela.... blessings to you too!

Mel said...

A lovely description indeed...I feel more relaxed just reading of it!!


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