Thursday, 12 August 2010

Of Giveaways....

I love the effect of transfers & Cat at La Dolce Vita is an expert.

art & photo: caterina giglio

She is offering a free place on her transfer techniques course, so if you are interested why not
 pop over there & leave a comment, but hurry, it closes on Sunday 15th!

art & photo: caterina giglio

On second thoughts, don't go, because I will have less chance of winning...
only kidding, I've already won a gorgeous painting lately that I'm feeling very pleased about...

art & photo: patricia ariel

Isn't it gorgeous? This is entitled 'Waterlily' by Patricia Ariel that I won in her Solstice giveaway... I just love her work, and you can see more over at mesmerized by the sirens... 
I am so grateful to have this piece in my home, thankyou patti!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Meet Me At The Water's Edge...

Meet me at the water's edge
and dance to an ancient rhythm
feel the beat of forgotten song
re-discover what time has hidden

ocean dancing, ocean dreaming
with the gentle tidal rhythm
feel the healing waters flow
a soothing song to help us grow
call on water's energy
the power to nourish, nurture & heal
endless potency
ride the tides of ancient truths
meet me at the water's edge
ocean dances, ocean dreams
meet me at the waters edge
and dance to an ancient song
heed the urge to come ocean dancing
will you be carried on an ocean dream
wherever it may lead?

I was already working on this canvas when I discovered Moon Daughter writing about a New Moon healing ritual, started by The Divining Women... they call it 'Meet us at the water'. 

Well, the words 'meet me at the water's edge' just kept creeping in to my mind, so i laid that first phrase down on the canvas I had ready to go & words i had already jotted down followed on naturally. The second part begins with the central spiral & the words just flowed as I wrote... the design took care of itself as I went. One of those "Awen" moments of Divine Inspiration.

New Moon is approaching.... at 04:08, Tuesday 10th August in the UK... so why not why not come to the waters edge & add your thoughts to the stream of energy that is flowing. It doesn't have to be at the exact time of the new moon... the New Moon energies are strong for a day or two either side, so just pick a time that feels right for you. And you only have to visualise being beside the water to be there in spirit... a bowl of water, a photograph or taking a bath can help aid connection. See you there ; )


 ...just in case you're not up at this time of morning ; )

This was Thursday morning...

a beautiful golden dawn...

a lone crow in a tree, which is relevant for me...

and if you click to enlarge, you can just see swallows wheeling in the sky...

and this was friday at sunrise...

i felt a sense of excitement as i greeted the day...
a sense of something to come...

I don't know what, but it seems that energies are moving in exciting ways for me... I can feel it. Things have not been stagnant, but I have been meandering for quite a while, as if preparing for something... now it is like i can smell the ocean not far ahead of me and anticipation is building.

This dawn seems to herald more than a new day... not just on a personal level... it seems much bigger, and I visualise golden rays of dawn light touching all of humanity... bringing light to souls caught in darkness... to awaken & heal... to brighten the path of those just finding their way... to guide & reveal... to warm all our hearts, to nourish & re-vitalise...

Wherever you are, may you have sunshine in your heart!
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