Sunday, 8 August 2010

Meet Me At The Water's Edge...

Meet me at the water's edge
and dance to an ancient rhythm
feel the beat of forgotten song
re-discover what time has hidden

ocean dancing, ocean dreaming
with the gentle tidal rhythm
feel the healing waters flow
a soothing song to help us grow
call on water's energy
the power to nourish, nurture & heal
endless potency
ride the tides of ancient truths
meet me at the water's edge
ocean dances, ocean dreams
meet me at the waters edge
and dance to an ancient song
heed the urge to come ocean dancing
will you be carried on an ocean dream
wherever it may lead?

I was already working on this canvas when I discovered Moon Daughter writing about a New Moon healing ritual, started by The Divining Women... they call it 'Meet us at the water'. 

Well, the words 'meet me at the water's edge' just kept creeping in to my mind, so i laid that first phrase down on the canvas I had ready to go & words i had already jotted down followed on naturally. The second part begins with the central spiral & the words just flowed as I wrote... the design took care of itself as I went. One of those "Awen" moments of Divine Inspiration.

New Moon is approaching.... at 04:08, Tuesday 10th August in the UK... so why not why not come to the waters edge & add your thoughts to the stream of energy that is flowing. It doesn't have to be at the exact time of the new moon... the New Moon energies are strong for a day or two either side, so just pick a time that feels right for you. And you only have to visualise being beside the water to be there in spirit... a bowl of water, a photograph or taking a bath can help aid connection. See you there ; )


La Dolce Vita said...

this feels just like being in the water!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am just learning to appreciate the pull of the Mother moon...thank you for the water's edge inspiration. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Barry said...

S - new moon and water both powerful energy sources;and the new work and text present the reader with many opportunities. B

Suzi Smith said...

Believe me cat, i was definitely 'in the water' for this... i had paint splashed all over me, lol!

Good to *see* you Mary Helen... is a good site to learn about our relationship to the moon.... also moon-time tara in the side bar!

B- i'm working on both water & moon pieces at the moment- a very strong pull!

yvette said...

the moon pulls the water....

and your painting pulls me.


Jack Kung said...

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i was so sure i'd left a comment here the other day - but don't see it now - in any event, i personally am mesmerized by the moon and all things related - and to the sun of course, since i'm a leo - loved loved this piece! a great post!

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