Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Playing catch up!

Fingers crossed i'm back in the blogosphere. After months of frustrating internet connection i think i've found a network that actually stays connected & worked without hours of phone calls to call centres in foreign lands! We've been in the same place all year & should be staying for some time... the thing is our caravan site is in an internet black hole. I've seen the maps showing a pretty pink area of "good" signal all around....apart from one white square of "borderline to none" slap bang on top of us!

I've happily meandered through summer & read more than i have for a while.... this blogging lark does tend to eat up the time doesn't it?! I'll probably never get to catch up on everything from everyone I usually visit...I was already waaay behind anyway, lol... and somehow the stuff I wrote intending to post but couldn't, doesn't necessarily seem so urgent now. But hey, that was then & this is now.... see you all around xx

1 comment:

Rose said...

Lovely to have you back!

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