Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Everyone knows that water freezes into ice and boils into steam.
Maybe global warming is just here to help us turn back into know, warm us up, change our molecular structure so to speak.... Bang, before you know it we’ll evaporate into permanent spirit status without having to go through all the tedious living stuff... Reincarnation, learning karmic lessons etc, etc.
Maybe the ‘Wise One(s) Up There’ (Wout for short) have got a bit hacked off that we seem too content to remain in solid form... Too many souls enjoying coming back to experience life in a body and not getting on with their lessons and refusing to graduate. ‘Earth College’ seems more attractive than ‘Spirit University’. Perhaps the Wout is just chivvying us up a bit to get our collective vibratory rate lifted and up to speed.
Obviously it has been necessary for the Wout to be devious. Humans are notorious for thinking they know best and for claiming a good idea is their own... so guess what? We think that Global Warming is caused by us! All it took was a few scientific, political and green activist egos, a bit of manipulation and there you have it.... Global Warming is on everybody’s lips. And as everyone knows, the more you talk about something as a certainty, the more likely it is to become a reality!

Some feel that global warming is occurring as part of the natural fluctuations in temperature that have happened since earth began. They point out that temperatures have risen since 1680 after a much colder 300 years. There was also a mediaeval warm period which was much warmer than today. Depending whose research you look at, evidence can be found to both support and refute the impact of human CO2 emissions on global warming 
Round one to the Wout- there is a bandwagon rolling to convince us that we are responsible and woe betide anyone who suggests otherwise. This bandwagon allows politicians to raise taxes and divert attention away from other issues. 
Surely we should be taking steps to cut waste, pollution and the willful destruction of our planet simply because it is the right thing to do? 

A thought... Apparently, over the last 10 years, the raise in general temperatures have not been as great as predicted… Now, many of us know that energy can be manipulated, that thought & intention have an effect... we believe that Earth, Gaia is a living organism. The universe is constantly evolving, so it is reasonable to say that the sun, too is a living organism. We are familiar with the concept of the web of life, all things being connected. So, with all the hype 'bout global warming, that has reached everyone- whether or not they believe in the power of intention, whether they think it is a natural cycle or caused by man- it has been on pretty much everyone's minds. 
Could all this thought & desire from mankind to avert the looming crisis of global warming have had an effect on the sun to alter its activity to produce this cooling effect? (probably laughing with Gaia at how slow we are to catch on!)

Another thought… There is little doubt that climate change is happening… it has happened ever since Earth was born & life has been affected by it many times over. If there is a genuine risk that some areas will succumb to rising sea levels, why aren’t we planning the re-location of these populations? If vast areas are at risk of becoming deserts, why aren’t we planning irrigation schemes? Of course, this would require the co-operation of all nations to plan, fund & actually carry out for the benefit of humankind… hmmm, lot of work to do on that one, eh? We can’t even manage to help areas of Africa, mind you, if “developed” nations are going to be affected it might be a different story.

 Lets keep sending out our intentions & see what cunning plan the Wout comes up with next!


Laura Hegfield said...

I like the idea of sending out our intentions for healing our Mother...but truly she must be expecting us to take some action as's a pretty big job and we are currently embodied beings...unfortunately not everyone is as respectful of our Mother as they should be...nor of our sisters and brothers who need our help in so many ways. This is making me so sad and at the same time is motivating me to consider some more concrete actions I can take to make bring healing to all parties mentioned above along with sending out reiki and prayers and just good love.


Jasmine said...

An interesting read. Your take on the human race sounds very much like my 3 year old daughter when she digs in her heals refusing to listen or behave. If th WOUTs are anything like frustrated parents there will be a lot to watch out for :)

La Dolce Vita said...

just found your blog thru Laura's and your work is amazing!

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