Friday, 7 May 2010

Desert Sunset?

One of the reasons I wanted a 'proper' camera was that my compact didn't always capture 'true' colours in sky shots... now, my new one may be capable, but the operator has much to learn! After the success of my last sunset, perhaps I was a little trigger happy... in my defence dinner was about to burn! However, it was one of those 'happy accidents' and I ended up with a gorgeous desert sunset in the north of England... except the trees might give me away!

It was nowhere near this dark.... but perhaps if I hadn't confessed, you wouldn't have known. I do love the dramatic effect though. It set me off thinking about perception again... the way we see things, or don't... comparing the camera & image to our minds & thoughts.

There is an infinite stream of information out there, both in the physical world and beyond that can flood our minds, as light floods into a camera... the aperture & shutter regulate the amount, which we can take control of manually, or leave on the automatic programme. When we are born we come with automatic settings that regulate the amount of information (light) and how we process it which gives us the picture we have of the world. Of course, none of us have exactly the same programme, and our settings are altered by the  upbringing & experiences that we have. But at some point we have the choice of switching to manual.... of taking control of our attitudes & action... of changing the way we see things or react.

We can open our own apertures & be more open to information or energy. We can adjust our own shutter speeds of judgement & analysis... etc etc. But it is the combination of settings that gives the picture, and sometimes it appears better or worse than, or at least different from what is really there... maybe that is why some people see no reason to change, others are never happy, some always are.

So, I'll keep tweaking those settings until it becomes instinctive & see the beauty in every scene....

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Jasmine said...


Your photo's are wonderful. I am desperate to buy a good camera. The little olympus we have has done us well over the years and takes very good Macro pictures but i would love to be able to take distance shots and zoom in wildlife.

Have a wonderful week end xxJ

fickleinpink said...

amazing...thanks for sharing.

My Skywatch: How small are we?

Laura Hegfield said...

Not only are your "desert" shots gorgeous Suzi, but your perception about perception is dead on. I was at the infusion center yesterday getting my's so interesting to watch others behaviors (as well as my own)toward the nurses when a catheter won't go in on the first try...some get very upset with the nurse, some because it hurts, some try to make the nurse feel better 'cause it's not her fault our veins aren't do we receive compassion? how do we offer it to those around us? how much gratitude are we willing to open to? also dependent on our apertures and perceptions.

Suzi Smith said...

Exactly laura.... it applies in every area doesn't it?

Jasmine... there's some really good cameras about now with fantastic zooms without having to go the dslr route!

namaki said...

well you got the colours all right here ! this is truly beautiful !

Tammie Lee said...

I find your photos to be gorgeous.
I enjoyed reading your comparisons to photography and people. A shift in perspective can change everything~

ruma2008 said...

This deep setting sun.
These mysterious clouds.
I feel creativity of Cosmos.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

From the Far East.
Best regards.

sue said...

beautiful photos and a wonderful narrative on perception - love it! xx

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