Saturday, 26 February 2011

Days of Pencil Sketchiness

the year pauses and takes a breath
days of pencil sketchiness
with a misty wash

spikes of last years hedge trimmings
brutally exposed
weep tears of dismal drizzle


wrapped in fog


cloud whispers to earth
 in muted undertones
 longstanding companions exchanging news
aware of each others rituals

grey days

a breather before the rush of spring


Barry said...

S- such poetry reflecting such beauty - and after the pencil sketchiness comes the bursting of spring. Great to be out and alive in it. Go well. B

LauraX said...

Oh Suzi, the combination of words woven through your sublime images have brought deep peace to me this morning.

Suzi Smith said...

Yes Barry, tis lovely to be in x
Laura... glad to be of service, lol... this way you can see it without the mud! wishing you so much peace, always x

Walk in the Woods said...

Such dreamy images and words. Lovely.

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