Sunday, 14 February 2010

New Pages

Whoo- hooo.... I've just discovered Blogger in Draft where they try out new features. One of the recent ones is "pages".... so i've added a couple... did you notice the links above?
 I wish I'd known before I started messing about with Suzi's Scribbles, this is so much easier for what I want. Still, I have ideas for 'scribbles'... it's stalled lately while I get my ideas straight.
Can't believe how happy I am about this, it's made my day (little things amuse....!) Oh, and I've been playing with header pics here & over at Healing Whispers , what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh hell no . . . you can really make pages on blogger now? Is it permanent? I moved to wordpress because of the pages, but I tell you now I hate wordpress! Do I need to move back to blogger!? And I do really like your heeadings, very clever ;)

Suzi Smith said...

lol haley, i know a few people who aren't getting on with wordpress & only moved because of the pages!
It is easy peasy just go to ...if you still have your blogger account & are loggged in it goes to draft dashboard automatically(if not start a new one), tick the box to make it your default. You just add a page like adding a post.

At the moment pages are only available in blogger in draft (but this functions exactly same as blogger) until they are certain all bugs are fixed & if improvements need making, but presumably it will get rolled out as standard before long.

Come back to blogger, lol, what a bugger eh?

Oh, & i was admiring your header & thought I really must do something on mine =: )

Anonymous said...

You'll probably be seeing me heading back to blogger in the near future then, lmao!

Laura Hegfield said...

very cool thanks Suzi...I hadn't noticed this either, toys!

sue said...

:) thanks for popping over to say hello.. great to see you too! love yer new headers, off to catch up in this lovely place... x

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