Wednesday, 24 February 2010


"The flight of an angel.... not a question of physical flight.
The attitude & vibration of a pure heart and mind do all the work.
Let your heart be clear and your mind be peaceful...
Then you will be able to fly- with your mind.
This is the joy of becoming an angel."

Cream & Gold Canvas

Size: 90cm x 35cm

The background is a dreamy mix of creams, some very pale almost white, & metallic gold paint.... having that blend of tones means that it will suit a variety of off white or cream wall colours (which I know is a factor for many people!) 


Laura Hegfield said...

They are lovely Suzi...I think the term mantragram is just wonderful!

Suzi Smith said...

Thanks laura.... mantragram was a term sue at creative spirit came up with, so can't claim it as mine!

Tammie Lee said...

your words about angels are lovely and inspiring, as is your art~

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