Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Watery Wednesday

hazy reflections in a flowing stream
memories of all that has ever been
stare in the depths, the image remains
but the water you see is never the same
the river of life, of thought, of dreams
elusive visions both seen and unseen 

For a wonderful array of watery photography just pop over to Watery Wednesday. I promise you will enjoy.

Don't forget my studio sale of calligraphy & canvasses, listed over the last few posts... & the chance to enter the draw for this one, just by leaving a comment. I still haven't got a definite moving date, but it's looking like the end of March.  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, and inspiring poetry! =)

Laura Hegfield said...

Beautiful the soft greens and golds...your poem is lovely too:)

sue said...

lovely pic, it's watery green is healing.. beautiful words too:)
hope the sale is going well xx

Suzi Smith said...

Thanks... it was the colours & textures that drew me too.

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