Monday, 15 March 2010

Gemstone Jewellery & New Blogs

Ages ago I received a blog award that was about nominating new blogs... It was so long ago I can't find it now. I never did anything about it... i never seem to remember to go back to things like that if I don't do it at the time. Anyway the point is I'd like to mention a few new blogs:

Debbie of Hippy Hipster Diary has just started off a new blog about her jewellery-  Mystical Moonshadows Jewellery

And one I was going to mention in that long forgotten post about the award is Magic Mixes- Aromatherapy & Crystals, concocted by welsh witch. Slap my wrist how could I forget to do this?

Pyewacket at Pye's Place has dipped a tentative toe in the blogging world, but like welsh witch its an occasional thing, so far. Perhaps some encouraging comments might persuade these lovely ladies to write some more!

You may like to take a peek at Moon-time Tara and there is a common thread between all of these blogs which is this forum where many an interesting discussion is held.

Happy blog-hopping!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

shall enjoy some blog hopping later.. thanks for posting hun x

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