Friday, 30 April 2010


How beautiful are these sunset clouds? In fact, 'beautiful' is far too tame a description... there is something much more powerful about them beyond mere words. And the contrast between the between those at the top and the lower, distant sky.... but if I could zoom in on those, they would have more amazing details in relation to the sky beyond. Neither one would be a more accurate or real portrayal, neither would be the full picture, just a snapshot of a given aspect at one moment in time....

Even looking at the bigger picture isn't the full picture; how could it be? That's something way beyond our capabilities or imagination... but it helps to put things in context in relation to what we see or know. I never cease to marvel at the sights that nature gifts us, and whisper silent 'thank-you's' (actually, often out loud) so many times in a day, it would be impossible to count. 

Just shifting my gaze a couple of inches brings an entirely different vision, connected to the first but calmer & more muted, just as spectacular in it's own way... Just an inch or two of movement where I stand equates to miles on the horizon... how far in deepest space? How far up is that cloud and how deep are the ripples we see in it? I'm sure someone knows, but I am content to wonder and just gaze upon it's face.

Whether we look scientifically or spiritually, whether we search with reason or intuition, we see from where we are standing... from one angle at any given moment... exploring & learning about the mystery that we are a part of. Each little shift in understanding, each tiny step or leap in comprehension might only seem like an inch, but how many miles does it equate to in the recesses of our mind, or the vastness of our consciousness? How far might it reach? How far could it travel along the strands of the web that connects us?

I thought that first cloud looked like it could be upside down... so I cropped it & turned it... makes a landscape out of a skyscape don't you think?

you stroll around the landscape of my mind
and peruse my inner vision
you brush your hand through scented thoughts
and scatter dust from inhibition
you take a sip from my well of love
and gaze at the paths i've travelled
you look through my eyes at the skies ahead
and polish a cluster of stars
you pick up a memory that weighs in my heart
and skim it over life's rivers
you reach for a cloud lit up by my sun
and turn it in your palms
 you smile as you turn it upside down
to sail in an eternal ocean of wonder

 plenty of amazing photographs over at 
thank you to the organisers & the participants


Laura Hegfield said...

I can't help it Suzi...

AbSOULutely gorgeous images and words my dear! xo from the other side of the pond.

Gina said...


Love and hugs Gina xxx

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

fabulous and so apt for Beltaine:)

Suzi Smith said...

oh laura, you're soul-overly!
thanks gina
amber- i set off thinking of the fiery skies & linking it to the beltaine fire festival.... but i sort of went on another tangent, lol

Manang Kim said...

Oh my I thought you inverted the photo. These is beyond beautiful, so love it! Happy weekend!


Halcyon said...

So beautiful, both the skies and the words.

Happy Friday. :)

Al said...

Fantastic. Sunsets like that don't come along very often, and you captured it perfectly.

desertnutmeg said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, so beautiful i can't express..

heehee.. i turned the first pic upside down (so chuckled when you did too:-) it immediately reminded me of that fluffy landscape you see when in plane above the clouds xx

Linda said...

What an amazing spectacle. Landscapes in the sky.

Jacqui said...

Simply magnificent, but really there would be no words to describe a sky like that.

La Dolce Vita said...

I adore clouds, they are so very beautiful and spiritual and even when it is cloudy and overcast, I think it feels like protection... beautiful!

Greenearth said...

What beautiful words and images. Thanks for sharing.

J Bar said...

Awesome skies. They look so beautiful.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

MyMaracas said...

Amazing skies!

Barry said...

S And I thought I had seen some beautiful sunsets in the Northern Territory of Australia. Great sunsets and photos - loved how you have creatwed the last photo to look like a bubbling golden pond. B

Tammie Lee said...

your photos
these skies
beauty is not a powerful enough word
thank you for sharing them
your poem is wonderful too~

Kcalpesh said...

SuPPerb! Thoroughly ENJOYED this post!

Pixellicious Photos

Suzi Smith said...

It was one of those "gotta grab my camera now" moments... a few minutes later i'd've been too late.
Glad you all enjoyed!

Tiffany Godinez said...

These pictures are amazing! My favorite is the first one, so soothing to my spirit. Gorgeous!

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