Sunday, 17 April 2011

Elm Flowers

25th february

It doesn't seem five minutes since i saw the first elm buds breaking open... i was quite shocked to see that it was back in February, and a bit annoyed with myself for not sharing their progress sooner. Tight little balls of red flowers breaking out of almost black buds... 

12th march

They soon burst out. Even though the flowers are really quite red, the combination of colours merges together from a distance meaning that unless you are looking, you could be forgiven for not seeing them. But once spotted you wonder how on earth you missed them! 

19th march

We often look at people the same way... we see their general appearance... take in the general impression they give without really seeing what is really there. We can pass the time of day with someone without ever discovering the true person. That's not a fault or recrimination... whilst some people wear their heart on their sleeve or display their personality in full like other blossoms, some are more restrained. Like the colours of the elm flowers, the bright threads of personality can seem to be muted and they don't demand attention. But when someone is interested enough to take notice, or when they choose to reveal themselves, their true beauty shines out. 

19th march

And how rewarding... to see the inner beauty of a person... or a flower! I love these little flowers... they are so subtle, but the more you look the more fascinating details reveal themselves. Every year when I see them, it is like meeting up with a friend that I know I love & revel in re-discovering why... and as we chat we find out a little bit more about each other that we didn't know before that deepens our connection.

The elm is a 'perfect' flower, that is, it has both male & female parts.... the female 'pistil' that will develop into the fruit & the male stamen that produces the pollen for fertilization. If cross pollination from other trees does not take place, the elm will pollinate itself... mainly with the help of insects, bees & butterflies.

30th march

All too soon the flowers die away, but then a new magic takes place as the green fruit bearing the seeds begins to grow.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

as always fabulous pictures:)

the spirit that moves me said...

I love these photos, and the story of how we each show our colours is beautiful. Spring is such a wonderful time of year!!

Suzi Smith said...

mmm.... i've been enjoying the photography, thank you very much! There's so much happening & changing so quickly in spring isn't there?

LauraX said...

more magic...I've been away from your blog for too long!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful fresh.
and i love your these blossoms speak so you of our depths.


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