Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hawthorne... the white & the red

Well, we have wandered down to South Yorkshire with our caravan as Steve is working near Doncaster.  Just outside our window are some gorgeous red hawthorn trees.

I've only ever seen the odd one here & there before, but this is a row of fairly young trees. The hawthorn is related to the rose, and these flowers do look like clusters of mini roses.

Gorgeous aren't they? Quite different from the wild hawthorn that I have usually seen, and i think these are much more 'rose-like' than the red flowers i have seen before.

Across the world there are many varieties but in the UK there is mainly the 'Common Hawthorn' & the 'Midland Hawthorn'.

 I have noticed some variations of the white flowers & leaves in some places... especially in hedges or areas that have been re-planted. It is the Midland Hawthorn that has the variety of colours, but they will cross-fertilize & many hybrids occur.

The leaves of the Midland are glossier & not so deeply indented as those of the Common Hawthorn. This is the main difference stated in many online resources, but i have also read that the Midland has a double head to the stamen, whilst the Common has a single one. (Any input gratefully received!)


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I love these flowers, great photos!

Clytie said...

Our hawthorn trees are very late blooming this year. We have one in the back yard we call my "birthday tree", and this year is only the 2nd year that I can remember when it wasn't blooming on my birthday (which was last week). Sigh.

We have white ones that are wild and pink ones that are tame. I've never seen a red one - it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Suzi Smith said...

ours were out early... the last couple of weeks of april. usually they only just make it for the beginning of may in our area.

Barry said...

S- what a beautiful vista - when I first glimpsed the photos before reading the words I thought such beautiful fragile wild roses and then read that they are rose like. Glad to hear you and Steve are in the Yorkshire area b- one of my favourite parts of England. Thanks for sharing. B

Paula said...

Suzi, these blossoms are just so wonderful. Another incredible gift of nature. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not sure why you cant comment, but I very much appreciate the time you took to write to me.
Love from my heart to yours!

Tammie Lee said...

So, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

lucky you..having such a view :-)

hope you have fun exploring your new environment, my lovely xx

pics are amazing..a feast!

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