Tuesday, 28 April 2009

An Affirmation

I fully acknowledge that I am a wonderful expression of life,
exactly as I am.

I choose now to know that it is my birth right to be happy,
healthy and loved.

I now fully accept only that which is for my highest good.

I ask that all else fall away, allowing me to reach my true potential.

I now choose to change and grow, releasing the past and
embracing the future with love and joy.

I smile now to confirm the truth of this affirmation

Repeat this (with feeling) twice a day for a month... write it on a 'post-it' note & stick by the kettle or computer or toothbrush where you will see it regularly. Be warned tho' -what you think you want isn't necessarily what the Universe knows you need!! But who wouldn’t want to reach their full potential & receive the bounties the Universe has to offer?

It is easy to sit in our comfort zone, even if we know that certain things could be better, vaguely trusting that ‘something’ will come along sometime. This may be true, but sometimes we have to let it be known that we truly want it by being pro-active in asserting our desire.

This is where an affirmation like this can help, especially if you incorporate the affirmation into prayer, ritual or meditation … even if we don’t know what “it” is. By repeating the words, with conviction, the seeds of change, of self-acceptance, of willingness to grow etc are planted within our psyche & the universe. It starts an energetic reaction that always brings results.

From then on ‘all’ you have to do is trust… even if nothing seems to happen, or some things seem to get worse…. Trust that you are wonderful, that you are loved, that you will benefit & that the future will unfold exactly as it should in the right time. Trust that any upheaval is part of the clearing necessary for you to achieve that balance that is truly yours, trust that it is coming- even if at this moment you can not see the wood for the trees (& don't have the benefit of hindsight!)

'Trust, trust & more trust' is a universal theme at the moment as so many find themselves in uncertain/confusing/chaotic situations. But rest assured that as more uncomfortable issues are forced out into the open, the closer we move to achieving the balance that is there for us. This applies to both personal & global issues as the outer plants (plus those further out than we know about yet) move into alignments that address long-standing themes & patterns. All this 'stuff' is being released, being "got rid of"... ready for us to move on, stronger, balanced & free.


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Mel said...

Brilliant post, Suzi...and so very, very true...


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