Sunday, 19 April 2009

Smoky Quartz

This lovely piece of smokey quartz was feeling a bit jaded, so I put it out under the last full moon to cleanse & re-charge. I gave it a dust off, ran it under water & left it outside for a couple of days to feel the energy of the sun, moon, earth & air... it was 'buzzing' with energy afterwards.
Crystals grow within the womb of Earth, protected from the outside environment, into their pure crystalline vibration. Once outside they can pick up & absorb energy from the people & places they come in contact with... their energy can seem to become dimmed, hence the need for cleansing- especially if they are used for crystal healing. I tend to go by instinct whether to smudge in smoke, bury in earth, run under water or leave open to the elements... or use reiki or a combination of methods. To begin with I would dowse with a pendulum & 'ask' my crystals what they needed. Sometimes I still do.
This piece is special treasure, about 8 inches across & has bits of pyrite scattered through it.

Iron pyrite is excellent for blocking negative energies, whilst boosting your own energy store. It is good for creative & mental processes, boosts confidence & eases melancholy & despair.

Smoky quartz is extremely grounding & protective- it will help disperse negativity & bring calm & positivity.

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