Monday, 27 April 2009

Blossoms & Haiku

Ooo... I just love to see fruit trees full of blossom, there is something about them- a full, fresh, lush sense of abundance & beauty. I took these at the weekend & thought I'd include some "blossom haiku". I'm afraid I don't have the right type of blossom to match the verse, but hey-ho, hope you enjoy anyway!
Falling with the rain
a white camellia blossom,
the moss darkens
Peter J Kendal

Luxuriously twinkling
in the apricot blossom,
one thread of sun
Katarina Psak

Cherries blossom-
a light breeze is blowing
in my heart.
Edna Koracs

Almond blossoms
are opening in the light
of a childs eyes
Olga Dutu

I like to offer haiku in workshops & challenge people to capture that feeling encapsulated in the verse without being too literal- easier said than done! Even beginners can complete a 'finished' piece of work with simple pencil lettering, without having to worry about a great block of text. It's about the emotion & the sense of the words, & if that shows through it can help boost the confidence of those with a shaky lettering technique.

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