Sunday, 3 May 2009

Energetic Connections & Cord Cutting

We have an energetic connection with everyone we meet, talk to, think about etc, & equally we have energetic connections with people who think about us- even though we may be unaware of them.

We send healing thoughts & know that the energy sent is positive & helpful. Likewise, if someone is angry or worried about you that energy is floating around you, even though the person emitting that energy may be totally oblivious to the fact. Not every negative thought is going to affect us as we have our own natural systems to cope, such as optimism, joy, hope, love etc etc. Sometimes though, we can feel weary, drained, worried etc… emotions or even pain, that is not ours.

Bear this in mind when you are concerned about someone or some situation, or just watching the news…. I consciously try not to worry or be angry about things I can do nothing about & so add my ‘worry/angry energy’… instead I wish positive thoughts; strength, calm, vision, love, compassion etc that can benefit the person or situation. Sometimes easier said than done, but persevere & it becomes a habit!

You might like to try something i do now & again... cord cutting. This is about reclaiming your own energy or power & removing anything that is a threat to, or draining your energy. Sometimes i think it is useful to visualise all those energy ‘hooks’ that can drain you being washed away- I tend to use the image of a waterfall washing away the threads that bind me to other people (A sort of ‘energy shower’), then imagine warm golden sunlight energising me.

Create your own Sacred Space, however you feel comfortable. For some it is as simple as closing your eyes & visualize stepping into that waterfall… or creating a journey, for example walking through a forest & becoming aware of those things that tug at your energy reserves, before finding the waterfall… Others prefer the ritual of candles & incense, sitting infront of a personal altar or in a 'special' place… You may try several variations to find what is comfortable & effective for you.

It is a good practice to do a 'cord-cutting' at the end of a relationship for example, or after spending time with people who sap your energy (or if you think someone is sending malicious thoughts). Ask for all cords or attachments that do not benefit you to be cut, some people see the knots being untied, and ask for the negative energy to be returned to the source with love.

I like the image of water to cleanse & gently wash away those connections & entangled cords of attachment, but you could you could use the image of fire to sever the connections. Some people ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords with his sword of truth, others call on their idea of Deity…use whatever words & imagery that suit you. You can name specific people or situations that you want to disconnect from, & if you cut all cords you can ask for only those that are beneficial to be re-tied.

If you want, you can imagine fine threads leading out from your feelings & trace them back to who or where they come from….slowly, slowly follow the thread, let your intuition guide you, just watch the thread & travel back along it… eventually a name or place or image will pop into your mind. It is important not to have any pre-conceptions when you try this & the result can be surprising- but don’t judge, just cut or dissolve the thread with love…

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Mel said...

Oh MY GODDESS, woman, where HAVE you been?!?!? This was a brilliant post...okay, can't linger...must go and read more. What am I, blind? Why didn't I see this link before...glad you pointed it out...duh!

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