Monday, 4 May 2009

Where did I Start?

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to heal… I think it’s something that we have ‘forgotten’. It’s there within our psyche, but for many it is laying there, dormant, unrecognised- just waiting for the conditions to be right in order to flourish.

Luckily, throughout time, there have always been people with that gift… a natural ability to help people heal. Depending on the society in which they have lived that gift may have been encouraged or quashed, respected or feared, used or abused… but it has always been there, a spark of light, an inspiration that has eventually given rise to a world-wide increase in people actively seeking a healing path.

For me, that path gradually opened up… there was no particular event or book that set me on my way. I can’t say that I’ve always been interested or had ability, but equally I can’t say that I had no interest or inkling. Looking back, I can remember situations or conversations that show maybe I did ‘know’, but not consciously & I certainly did not pursue it. Having said that I have always been able to “will-away” pain, and I know many people can, even though they would not consider ‘healing’ in any form or fashion.

Sometimes when someone was ill or in pain, I’d automatically put my hands or rub where it hurt, & often they felt better…. But this was an unconscious action- when I consciously thought about it or offered to see if I could help, nothing happened! It was that instinctive action, like a mother soothing a baby or rubbing better some knock or scrape to her child.

I met a Reiki Master in the course of my business & ‘knew’ it was something I was going to do. It didn’t happen straight away & with a different Master, but as often seems to happen with me, the opportunity presented itself & I took it.

Receiving that first attunement to Reiki was like receiving permission to heal. As much as learning about a technique, it gave me that key to access a latent ability. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I think everyone has that ability; it is just a matter of finding the right key. For me it was Reiki, for others it may be as simple as giving themselves permission.

It is all about intention, & I think this applies to many of us in many areas of our lives… Setting an intention, being clear about what we want to achieve, and then giving ourselves permission to realise it are important aspects, whether it is something physical, mental or emotional.


Rose said...

I must admit, that I don't really know what reiki is... *blush*

Rose said...

Hey Suzi

I have listed you in response to a tag I recently received for promoting blogs that are new to you. Please do not feel obligated with this tag....

Suzi Smith said...

don't blush honey... it's a form of healing, usually by laying hands on or near the body (but can be done over a distance), where the 'healer' acts like the fuse in a plug to connect the recipient to Universal Energy, which helps the healing process..... ish. Sooo hard to try & explain quickly, but I will be adding more as time goes on!!
And that's more than I knew when I went to that first workshop, lol!!

I'll pop over n take a look at that tag (grin)

Mel said...

I love this new blog already...of course...and has synchronicity plays its role - I've been considering pursuing just seems like a natural 'next step'

~much love~

Stoneweaver said...

A very interesting post. I resonate with what you said about your "first attunement to Reiki was like receiving permission to heal". I had been using healing energy for years but had felt awkward about how to talk about it to others. I felt that attuning to reiki would give it a recognisable name. I have since realised that it is all the same thing - the same energy. The spiritual healing/qi gong/ crystal healing are all using that same universal energy. I also feel that I did not really need to be attuned - that I am learning all I need as I go along - from Spirit. Here is a question - what do you think of the Kwan Yin attunement? I've seen it advertised as an 'enhanced' method.

Suzi Smith said...

OOOh, great thought I, loads of comments to moderate, must have had a good few people looking... er, mel, mel, oh & mel again, lol you're lovely mel, thanks hunny xxx

Healingstones, I think much the same as you on this- felt much like you to begin with & am so sceptical about 'new & improved, new for our times, channelled by, blah blah soopa doopa new healing systems' They all come from the same ultimate source, i reckon- i've got a post half written on this- its like do you want to drive a red car or a blue one. Having said this, i do believe there are different energy streams, so maybe, for some it is easier to connect via one of these systems (or the way theyre presented or the person)? (even tho thyre ultimately the same thing) There's many paths to the top of the mountain n all that.
oops sorry, rambled, another half a post prepared, lol Will be coming back to this at some point.

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