Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame of transmutation.... transmutes negativity into positive.... connected with the Ascended Master St Germaine.

If you think about it energy can not be destroyed, but often we try to get rid of pain, illness, negativity, banish spirits etc etc. If we just get rid of it, take it away or deflect it, where does it go? What happens to it? It just carries on bouncing around the universe, moving on to someone else or waiting to come back for another attack. Plus there's the chance it merges with other similar energies, joins forces & becomes stronger.

Some people ask angels, guides, spirit, god to take it away... but they still have the task of dealing with it & they're pretty busy already! The idea of using the violet flame is to visualise negative energy, hurts, anger, etc being consumed by the flame & being converted into positive loving energy. At the end of the day it is good practice to review the days events & recall any negative thoughts or actions & imagine placing them within the flame to burn & be converted into loving, positive energy…. handy for bad habits & behaviour patterns too.

You could use any colour or fire in general, but the colour violet is associated with transformation, transmutation & higher energies.

I use this technique regularly- dealing with a particularly nasty toothache it dawned on me about not being able to destroy energy, the pain was energy & it needed converting etc. Dissolving it away wasn't strong enough & i found myself imagining it burning away & changing to loving energy rising from the flames on the smoke into the ethers. It was after that i kept 'hearing the term 'violet flame' in my mind & searched for more information.

I had a tooth abscess & was 200 miles from my dentist. I started working on it thinking bout removing the pain & the infection. Usually I can do this easily, but it beat my usual 'willing it away'/ignoring & decided to use Reiki rather than just myself-
Anyway, could get the pain to go, but came straight back. Clicked that pain, like anything else is a form of energy, so can't be destroyed & must be converted to something else. So worked on transforming to loving healing energy- that worked for longer periods, but still returned. Knew it may take a while to calm the infection but it was 2nd bout in a year & the last tooth got pulled. I realised there was more to it- i felt even if the dentist sorted this, it wasn't dealing with the cause, just the symptom.

I looked around in books/internet for clues on the energetic causes of tooth ache, but found nothing that felt applied. Another round of healing- this time with the intention of going to where it started- the root cause, that was it. I saw myself diving into the pain itself, swimming, swirling with it to go back to where it sprang from... I saw myself in a past life with my partner & father. It was quite an ugly scene, which i was able to follow & progress to see what happened. It explained a hell of a lot to do with the relationships we have had, & some "irrational" actions & thought patterns that cropped up frequently between the 3 of us that wern't there before Steve & I were together. It was quite a heavy session & I spent more time then & later pouring healing energy into that situation.

It is not something I have discussed with either of them for a variety of reasons, but certain things have eased... & so did the abscess.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Very thoughtful post Suze, I use white light for my pain, Maybe different colours work for different people? I'll think about the violet light. I know that my violet femmes seem to strike more of a chord with lots of people. I perceive them as spirit.

Rose said...

Hope you are feeling better... The energy has been pretty crazy today...

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