Monday, 26 October 2009

Another Honest Blogger

If you havn't already heard of the honest blogger award you can read about it in my post from early october ... its not too far to scroll down the page tho'

There's someone special i'd like to give this award to... Laura.... whose wisdom, courage, compassion & love shine out through her blog. I'm sure her middle name is 'grace' & if not it should be! Laura, you're an inspiration x


Laura Hegfield said...

Oh my goodness. Suzi, I don't know what to say...I am so totally honored and humbled at receiving this lovely award...I've seen it posted on your blog and have shared the phrase "shift happens with several people I know...because it's brilliant and so true.

Simple is usually best.
Thank you!

Suzi Smith said...

The pleasure's all mine hunny... just say nothing & accept serenely, lol xx

Anonymous said...

ah couldnt agree more Suzi x

Enjoy Laura, you so deserve this lovely lady :)

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