Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Boy is a Man... officially!

What sort of a mother goes to her son’s 21st without checking her camera is charged? Sometimes I have to shake my head at myself! Result…. only one photo… i am not best pleased as photo opportunities abounded.
Having said that, i nearly forgot to take this… i was quite entranced just watching him, relaxed & happy on ‘his own turf’. It wasn’t intended to be a party as such…. I was succinctly told that he didn’t want a ‘family do’ … he was playing rugby so would be in the club after the game having ‘a few drinks with the lads’!

Hmmm, a few drinks eh? Of course there was some of the family there; for various reasons I’m not really a part of it anymore… but I didn’t care a jot…. nothing could intrude on my enjoyment & pride as i watched him throughout the night.... & i am thankful for my life & "my" family.


Jasmine said...

A yard of ale.. I remember how those nights turned out... (from my barmaid days)

Sue Simpson aka - The Purple Pixie said...

My how he's grown! Shocking! lol. I remember my son Paul didn't want an 18th or a 21st 'party' especially with 'family' as he said no-one bothered with him the rest of the time so why bother for the 18th and 21st. Wise soul he's turned out to be too. And it mattered not who was and who wasn't there, what will have mattered most is that YOU his proud mum was. And a fine yung man he's turned out to be too... he's a credit to you. With a mum like else would he have turned out???
Sue xxx

Sue Simpson aka - The Purple Pixie said...

PS - Hows the website going???? Are you ready to kill me yet??? hehehehe

Love ya xxx

Lisa said...

Love this. :)

Suzi Smith said...

Lol jasmine.... of course its just from barmaid days that we know about these things (winks & looks around innocently)

Pixie- steady down, people might realise i pay you to say stuff like that, lol... as for the website, err, no comment is the politically correct answer, but seeing as how i'm not.... its b****cks... still searching templates!

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