Sunday, 11 October 2009

Someone Bombed The Moon

Someone tore down the willow tree
Not neatly or quickly
But torn, wrenched
I wasn’t there
but I still hear the cries
of tearing bark & branches
A trunk ripped & torn & cast aside
white bark exposed
stark shattered limbs
one sliver still attached…

Last night someone bombed the moon,
or rather crashed a missile
what’s the difference?
Looking for water, they say.
Surely there are better ways
Not so crude
we’re supposed to be civilised

I sit with the willow
share the shock
stroke her wounds
Still she lives
Accepting. Resigned.
It would have been nice to be warned, but she knew...
They could have been more kind… respectful...
There are better ways
Now she’s calm & hopeful…
she knows

The moon still smiled at me this morning
wistful. resigned.
They try their stupid tricks
But she knows
She’s seen it all before...
she’s seen them scratch her sister.
they don’t know what they’re dealing with
but she knows
and so does her sister

It was wild & windy here at full moon
the trees were silent...
at the message on the wind.
They gathered strength from Gaia
Ready for the time
all week they stood in silence
gathering reserves
Silent strength, just holding, nothing spare to give
just building energy

And so last night it happened
Nothing really exciting
A scratch, no more
They don’t know what they’re dealing with
or how many share her cause
No thought of repercussions...
won’t understand when they come

Wise woman elder, bark glowing white
transmitting energy
Dark oak glowing
sending out his strength

All the trees and Gaia
rally to the cause
Transmitting through the ethers
supporting faithfully

This morning webs were woven
on every single thing
symbolically repairing
the web of life that’s torn
It seemed they had a purpose
no accident they were there
Absorbing shock waves scattered
transmitting empathy
Connecting grass and tree and flower
Spider Grandmothers children
weaving. repairing.
united in the cause

And now… a day later…
the trees are still emitting
that silent energy
I can hear it in their breathing
what will be, will be.

They might have bombed the moon
but… breathe
...breathe calm & peacefully

The willows roots spread deeply
she will re-grow, re-new.
Don’t let emotion blind you
be steadfast like the trees…

Someone loved the moon last night
and the moon still smiles
...she knows


Laura Hegfield said...

Beautifu Suzi! Words, images,sentiments...all of it. Thanks for following my blog...I'm going to add yours as a link to mine.

Namaste soulfull sister,

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

WOW, absolutely inspiring post I've been sending out healing to Mother Moon and apologies for the prats who do this

Mel said...

What a truly beautiful post...

Your willow tree reminded me of a tree we found in much the same condition on one of our daily walks. It had been damaged at some point in the past but had healed, bent and crooked, but it lived. And then one day, someone knocked it over...tore it up by the roots...the pain of it rose in waves, I remember trying not to cry because that would have freaked the kids out...and then the next day it was gone..cleared away by park services...

People just don't get it...they don't wonder that the foolish and hurtful things that they do will have makes my soul ache...

I think the moon felt us...She has to know that there are still those here who know Her and love Her in the old way....

And you're right - the idiots will be bewildered when it all comes around again, crashing down on their stupid heads...

Thank you for this...


Jasmine said...

|Your poor tree! I hope you took her home and make something beautiful from her to love and cherish her further.

Our poor moon. I was disgusted by that news. One response that was hurled my way was that I am obviously against all scientific research and I should stop using my mobile phone nd the internet if I feel that strongly about missiles in space.

Using the internet does not justify the bombing of the moon.

Our beautiful beautiful moon...

Suzi Smith said...

Hi Jasmine, good to see you!
Yep, have some of the willow... nothing made yet tho!

The willow is an amazingly resiliant tree, and so is the moon, earth, planets...
but its the bloody way they do things.. (sigh)... oh i pray for more respect & understanding in this world...
those spiders webs, i really felt they were a response...repairing things when i saw them... so.. i add my thoughts with you guys, to repairing those connections... thanks x

Samantha said...

Wow, Suzi ~ what an amazingly beautiful poignant post. Just thank you so much for the inspiration.

I have been looking at webs all day too. Isn't it funny?

What a special time of year this is.

thank you thank you
much love

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Suzi Smith said...

'fraid i'm not on twitter... don't have time as it is!

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