Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Dreams- Calligraphy Rubber Stamp Design

I’ve been pleasing myself lately with regard to the material I have been using in my calligraphy. Having barely written anything for a couple of years or so, I thought it high time that I tackled something I promised in what seems like another life-time. I have in the past designed rubber stamps for a delightful little company called Crafty Individuals…. go on, take a peek at their website…. even if the only creative bone in your body is in your little toe, you will find something here to inspire you in an arty-crafty way! They may be small, but their reputation is growing world-wide.
I set off with a Happy Birthday design, which took a bit of getting in to (it has been a while!) but things started to gel & this 'dream' one just flowed from my pen. Both designs have been accepted but I'm not sure how soon they will be available. There are quite a few others that i have done here... similar style with positive thoughts, Hope, Believe, Angels, Friends, Love etc (i'll post some pics with the quotations soon) Here it is on a painted background...

Dream Quotations...

Chase your dream, catch that star, always believe in who you truly are.

Believe in the power of your dreams.

Dreams are the true reality.

Explore, dream, discover.

Imagine, feel, hope & dream.

If dreams are wishes we have in our sleep, may all your dreams be yours to keep.

Hopefully, plenty of people will want to use it their crafting & pass on the encouragement to others. Because it's by having dreams that changes existing into living.... and the little dreams are as important as the big ones. We tend to focus on the ‘big’ ones & don’t always give ourselves credit for achieving the simpler ones. So, chase your dream, catch that star, and always believe in who you truly are.


Sue Simpson aka - The Purple Pixie said...

Excellent should sell them on commission
Sue xxx

Mel said...

Oh, this is many ways,not the least of which a gorgeous rubber stampy way...;)

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