Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ash Keys Turning

I’ve watched these keys turn…. keys turning… keys… what is a key? A clue… to open a door…. holding a seed?

12th Sept- leaves are still very green, but the first ash keys are starting to change colour

Questions have floated into my mind….What does a key mean to you? Is it a clue of what to do or where to go... will it open the door to secrets you hold… the door of wisdom & inner knowing… will it turn the lock to intuition, the way to live with clarity… does it hold a seed of future growth, a seed of hope & harmony? 

27th Sept- all the keys are now a lovely golden colour

Keys have wings to carry them to places to grow… fertile soil… is your mind a fertile place? open to ideas & thoughts & growth? Have your ideas got wings to carry them along?

11th Oct- golden keys have turned to russet~ the leaves are starting to pale...

Take the those doors to your potential... sow the seeds, open your mind, begin to grow… unlock the wisdom its yours to find… fly on the wings of opportunity, find the ground where you can grow… keys to your dreams ...seeds of vision… of harmony….

25th Oct- within a fortnight the leaves are almost totally shed~ the keys a copper clour

What do you see? What do you feel? you share the journey of these precious seeds... nurtured in the keys of the ash tree?

7th Nov- leaves are gone, just the keys hang on. they will stay until next year, not dropping until after the new growth of leaves & the next clutch of seeds begin to form.

7th Nov- 
Cold silence after the winds….Ash keys whisper to the moon… She answers on the breeze… with a vision of hope & harmony...

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Laura Hegfield said...

This is a thought and heart opening post. I too am fond of seed pods and love the way you understand them as keys...yes this make so much sense to me. So many questions to ponder here...each key/seed an opportunity for true inner growth and eventually full outer expression as new idea/leaves emerge in the spring of our awareness...a cycle that continues on and on through lifetimes.

blessings to you as you unlock the mysteries of your own seed pods,

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