Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Maple Tree....

....shakes itself
scattering golden leaves

(pencil & watercolour)

(ruling pen, watercolour, walnut ink & mitchell nib)

(watercolour pencils)

Another haiku & more leaves... can you tell they inspire me, lol?


Sue Simpson aka - The Purple Pixie said...

Oh yes! lol xxx

Jasmine said...

Nature is inspiring. There is a wordpress blog, festival of trees. Each month people link a post dedicated to trees. The inspiration is everywhere x

Laura Hegfield said...

lovely suzi...they are an inspiration to me as well...recently I've been referring to myself as Lorax...I like to speak for the trees (be they animal, vegetable or fellow humans)...I feel obligated to speak for all the silent ones who have so much to tell us in their own wise way when we sit and honor them with true presence.

gentle steps,

Suzi Smith said...

I found that blog jasmine, thanks.... it looks good
( oh, how i don't need anywhere else to get lost in, lol!!
And guesswhat laura... 1st para on that site they mention Lorax !!

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