Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Time of Radical Shift

I think many of us have an instinctive feeling that big things are happening; around us & for mankind, on Earth & 'out there' in the Universe. I've always had the opinion that the prophesies about 2012 are connected to the potentials created by planetary alignments... I'm sure the Mayan calendar takes into account planets that we are not aware of yet. For example Sedna, 'discovered' in 2003, has an orbit estimated at between 10.5 & 12 thousand years... the mayan calendar has a sub-cycle of 11,500 years! What other planets are as yet unknown to us, and how might they affect us astrologically?

It takes years of observation & intuition to thoroughly understand how planets affect us, so we aren't going to uncover the implications of recent planetary discoveries in a hurry, are we? There is some astrological info on Sedna here (the link on this page to a previous article is interesting too) and here
This one has insights into several of the more recently discovered 'watery' planets.

You might like to read an astrological explanation about part of what is heading our way here. It concerns the Cardinal Grand Cross that has been forming in the heavens from 2008 til mid 2010. For me, it confirms much of what I thought without the benefit of in depth astrological knowledge.


Rose said...

Really interesting! Thank you!

Mel said...

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy....."

~ Shakespeare


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