Sunday, 1 November 2009

My New Calligraphy Site!!

Well... I have been more focussed on generating an income from my calligraphy & lettering art recently... one step being somewhere to showcase my work. Can I ask you a favour? Take a peek at
and let me know what you think? I've still got a zillion photos to go on & a couple of information pages to add, but at the moment I just want to check if it reads ok before I get too far... I know white on black can get a bit hard on the eyes, so i've tried a couple of different text sizes here n there... would appreciate a bit of feedback if anyone wants to... i will be adding a link bar to canvasses, books, workshops etc & the glaring empty spaces will get sorted! Thanks... x (she says nervously!)

ps... just keep it between us for now.... i'm not ready to roll it out to the whole world til i'm happy with it!
(yeah i know, technically the whole world can see it... but I trust this corner)


Sue Simpson aka - The Purple Pixie said...

Looks god from where I'm sitting :o) Of course I prefer the larger letters....but there again I would!
I love your you've shown me up I'll have to work on mine and now you've worked out how to do a website you'll have to teach me that too! lol.
No honest hun, I love it xxx

Rose said...

It's all looking lovely! You are so very, very talented. I love the new site! XXX

Suzi Smith said...

Thanks girls.... Took a lot of bloody hard work rose, lol.
I've just had the thought to try a more creamy text on one side to tone with the header... not sure.... mr whispers says its easier to read....going to leave it & look at it a while before i decide!

Suzi Smith said...

ok... i've now got 'the look' & colours sorted for def!
Just the content to fill out now1

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