Monday, 2 November 2009

Taurus Full Moon & Mars in Leo

I've been very fired up these last few weeks both creatively & with regard to getting back to earning my own money rather than being employed.... I just read this

"Consider that generally speaking Mars in Leo is about taking charge of one's own destiny, control of one's own life. If we have Mars in Leo in our natal chart, we are driven towards creative self-actualization as Kings and Queens of our own lives, passionate, inspiring, dignified and creative"- from Melody's Astrology Blog

Guess where my mars is (no, not the chocolate one!).... yep Leo, & my sun sign is Taurus... i read somewhere else that another couple of my planets are part of the planetary 'grand cross' that is in place at the moment, but i can't find the link to double check what it all meant.... any how, i guess the astrological vibes are helping me out at the moment, lol, I'll take any help I can get!!

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