Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dark Moon, Dark Oak

I’ve been particularly aware of the dark moon lately- that time when the moon disappears from view between the last crescent of the waning moon & the first sliver of the new. It may be officially new moon before we see it, but I feel more comfortable terming those few days as dark moon.

This last one, just after the equinox was particularly powerful- I was driven to seek out an oak tree that stands alone not far away. The wind was wild & it felt as though it was hurrying me along- as I looked towards the oak, the constellation of Orion was stationed directly above it pointing the way in the darkness.

Dark oak calls,
Silent sentry waiting.
Dark moon calls,
Silver beauty hidden.
Impatient wind tugs
Together we are bidden.

Trying to get some shelter from the wind I leaned back against the trunk & shared in the energy that was zinging around. There was power there, silent dark strength… a pulsing from the earth like a song rising through the oak… messages transmitting between the earth, oak, wind & moon.

Dark oak sings
Connecting earth and sky.
Dark moon sings
And earth joins in her cry.
Silent stars observe
This holiest communion.

There was definite communication going on, an energetic transfer. I was aware of the circle of life… a giving & receiving… a circle of love… & then calm.

Feel the pulse of energy
Of love & death & birth.
Share in this dark energy
Seeds of wisdom sowing
Nurtured in her darkness
Re-newing… Re-growing.
In-drawn breath,
A ‘knowing’
Leaning here beneath the tree,
dark moon, dark oak & me.

1 comment:

Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

Wow, a very evocative poem. There is definately something primal and powerful about the dark moon, and it seems you really connected with the energy going on there!

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