Thursday, 5 March 2009

A Piece of Sunlight

Today I leaned against a tree
And a piece of sunshine jumped on me,
Not just any piece, a special piece
That landed on my skin.

It paused a while then skipped about,
And playful sunshine danced round me,
My feet were anchored to the ground
As warming sunlight played around.

I shut my eyes and laughed inside
And then that bit of sunlight said...
"Tig... Pass it on!"

So.... that's what I'm doing- passing on a bit of sunshine to brighten your day. If you are reading this you've just been "tigged" so pass it on!

Well, that will do for a first post.... after hours of thinking about what to write- something about me? something thoughtful or insightful? something deep and meaningful? A million ideas & I give you something that took moments, lol, there's plenty of time for the rest! 


Rose said...

A really nice poem with a lovely sentiment! I look forward to seeing more!

Alison said...

thanks for spreading the sunshine a little more!

ali x

Pye said...

Great Blog Suzi. I think i may well become addicted.x

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