Thursday, 12 March 2009

There's a wolf outside... least that is the impression our cocker spaniel 'Ted' is giving. The poor lad is lusting after a flirty young border collie in season! They are both confined to quarters, and are communicating by howls & whines from a distance. Ted has been "ow-ooooo"ing for the last 3 days... I explained to him very calmly(?!) at 3am the other night that if he doesn't shut up he will lose his tackle but it hasn't made a difference....

On the plus side, I have been awake to see the moon in all her glory at silly o'clock times for the past three nights. Perfect for setting intentions by the full-moon- yes, i got dressed & went out. I sat by a solitary oak tree & just breathed in the night & bathed in moon light, even ted sat quietly by my side.
This photo proves he can sit & meditate too (anyone who knows him will find this hard to believe)

Must admit i was surprised too.... i'd been aware of him sniffing around in the trees, then all went quiet- i was sat on a stone, so he did too & just waited til i was ready to go!

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Sue Simpson - The Purple Pixie said...

Funny....but having their tackle sorted doesn't work on men either....or MALE cats! lol.

And that weird, he looks like a man....well he IS a man, but I mean a human man. And you're right, Ted sat still? I do find it VERY hard to believe!
Bags I the first puppy.

Sue xxx

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