Friday, 6 March 2009

Rainbow Shower

While on the rainbow theme.... This is a visualisation which I originally developed for a child with a serious illness, but it is effective against negativity of any kind. It's the sort of thing you can use when other people are the source of negative feelings, to lighten up the atmosphere in a room, office, shopping centre etc.

 Visualise the pain (negativity, fragile emotions, heavy/tired energy, past hurts etc) swirling around like a muddy gooey mess.... see it all swirling, going round & round.... pretend you're stirring it up with a big stick like you're making a mud soup.

Keep it stirring til it goes totally black.... keep stirring, that pain/negativity is pitch black now, but you start to see streaks of red- lovely dark red- keep going & the red gets brighter & brighter til there's no black left. See the red being streaked with orange, swirl it round til all the red is gone & you've got a lovely bright orange.....

Keep on like this to yellow, to green, blue, indigo, violet- all the colours of the rainbow. All that mud has turned into rainbow soup! Now imagine your soup boiling over & all of those rainbow colours that you mixed in shower all over you (or over the room or whoever is nearby who might need a bit of a boost). If you want the rainbow drops can go out of the door & down the road, giving everybody a rainbow shower. Can you feel all those little rainbows running all over, all happy & smiley & full of energy?

Spend a bit of time just enjoying your rainbow shower, then gather up the droplets, see them running together & fusing into a huge stream of white light that pours all over you... and the room and everyone else- filling you up with lovely positive energy & leaving you feeling refreshed & renewed!

You can spend as long as you like on this, but also can be done quite quickly as a quick 'pick-me-up'

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