Monday, 9 March 2009

Sitting under an Alder Tree

Sitting against an alder tree, I leaned back to connect with it. We were beside a stream, and I let the sounds of the water & bird song, the movement of the leaves, wash all over me as I shut my eyes. I had been musing about the ‘truth’ of our existence, who had gone before us etc but was no longer thinking of this as I drifted….

I felt an immediate sense of ‘oldness’… ancient peace & calm…. And the words history & mystery ran through my mind. These are the words that gradually formed as I sat there….

Take the history, thread through the mystery, blend it into now,
Find the answers to what the future holds in the days of old,
Those ancient times, coded into rhymes, will lead you forward to
A blend of history and mystery, encoded into now.
From those days of old, our truth unfolds, let us show you how,
To blend history with mystery, into something new.
Oh a perfect peace that moves through all, spiralling in time,
Oh that history, with mystery, dancing in our rhyme.

Well, that gave me food for thought, but made sense too. All the answers are there within, and constantly evolving. No doubt it will turn up on a canvas or in a book sometime- its on the 'things to do' list!

Notice how the alder has male & female catkins on the same tree? They are present right through the winter, tightly closed & brown, they gradually open & these long male ones start to green-up around Imbolc (feb 2nd).

1 comment:

Sue Simpson - The Purple Pixie said... usual. And my Alder is still alive and well on my Altar. Thsnk you for bringing the male and female energy into my home :o)
Sue xxx

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